Quartzite Floors and Surfaces Restored | Palm Beach FL

Your Quartzite, Beautiful Again

Quartzite is a stone of choice for people who love the look of marble, but want something less delicate. The appearance of quartzite can decline with exposure to improper cleaning agents, improper application of coatings, or accidental damage. Lacasse Stone and Tile’s qualified professionals know how to erase damage and revive the like-new appearance of your quartzite. To discuss your quartzite needs, call (561) 319-1028 today.

About Quartzite

Quartzite is a strong, dense, hard metamorphic rock. Because of its durability, quartzite’s application possibilities are numerous.

Caring for Quartzite

Sweep or dust mop your floors regularly to remove anything that can get ground into the surface. Use only recommended cleaning products. Chipped quartzite repair requires the knowledge and expertise of a skilled mason. Lacasse Stone and Tile professionals are equipped to service your quartzite installations. We also recommend the appropriate care products to keep your stone looking its best. We make it a point to educate our customers on proper stone care.

For a FREE estimate on quartzite repair, restoration, cleaning, and sealing throughout the Palm Beach area, contact us online or call (561) 319-1028 today.