Pool Surround

Badly damaged pool deck patio, and surrounding area.

We received a call from the property owners’ association for Admirals Cove, a gated community in Jupiter, Florida. The clients had a problem with their coquina stone back patio. Another company had cleaned the patio improperly using pressure cleaners and harsh chemicals, which damaged the stone surface.

Pool Surround: Photo 01: We protected the landscape from any damage that may occur during the restoration process. We used this method throughout this entire project, during the cleaning stage and the honing process.

Photos 01 through 05: These photos show the extensive damage to the surface of stone, from pressure washing by people without proper training, extensive mold, and efflorescence on the surface of the pool coping and steps. In some areas the efflorescence was so heavy that it had to be honed off of the coquina stone.

Photos 06 through 07: These photos show the patio after the cleaning process was finished, but the coquina stone was not yet filled. We filled the stone in order to restore the damage done by untrained personnel on a natural stone surface.

Photos 08 through 09: Notice the dramatic improvement in appearance of the surface surrounding pool deck after the filling and honing process had been completed. We also applied two coats of sealer to the coquina stone, thoroughly sealing it to help prevent future mold.

Photos 10 through 12 The final result of the cleaning by a proper restoration professional demonstrates the value of proper restoration.

Here’s what the customer had to say…

Just a few words to tell you how impressed and satisfied we are with the work you performed on our driveway, entry and walk entry. But the crown jewel is the job you did to the back patio (coquina stone) it is wonderful. We wish to congratulate you for the quality of your work and that it was exactly on time.

I am sure you will have many other satisfied customers in the future.

Best wishes, J. Arturo Gutierrez

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